what is s t a r g a z e?


a bunch of people who have read between the lines for a while and are looking to the stars now.


bunch of people who have been trained and worked in classical and classical contemporary music and are getting more excited each day by what's going on in contemporary pop/folk/electronica and uncategorizable genres in and around those confines.


they have decided not to wait for the institutions to come round and recognize this but are just "go" and starting to use their network and knowledge, tastes and abillities to facilitate performances of existing projects in these realms of extended instrumental line-ups with bands and their artists/composers as well as foster and workshop new collaborations.


We have worked on such projects in places like London, Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney but haven't yet found such endevours easy to come by in Germany and Berlin in particular. Yes, you don't believe it, but that's right. We are Berliners, we have gone away and come back and we love the city and want to change that but we don't even have an airport, man, you know what I mean?


So there's going to be a new scene and and open-plan-kitchen, inviting international artists to become involved and we'll give them space and maybe ideas and thrive on their ideas. we have already found many kind and idealistic people who totally get it and will support us (you know who you are out there!) and that's giving us the energy to come forward. thank you.


yes we stargaze. in Berlin, Cologne, London, Amsterdam, Sydney and wherever people love to listen.


It's a journey, take the train!


s t a r g a z e had collaborated with: Nils Frahm, Bill Frisell, Sam Amidon, Villagers My Brightest Diamond, Grant Hart (ex-Husku-Du), The Dodos, Richard R. Parry (Arcade Fire), Alexi Murdoch, 1000 Robota, Matthew Herbert, Mouse on Mars, Tyondai Braxton, Julia Holter and others.


s t a r g a z e is led by Berlin based conductor:

André de Ridder.


other s t a r g a z e members include:

Morris Kliphuis (french horn & arranger)

Marlies van Gangelen (oboe & Delta harp)

Miguel Pérez Inesta (clarinet & bass clarinet)

Lisa de Boos (double bass)

Aart Strootman (guitar)