I run and organise several creative projects for children. One of them is Splendor Toekomstorkest.


I'm leading this youth ensemble together with my collegue Iris Oltheten and the projects takes place in the school breaks. Our ensemble is unique because we don't work with repertoire. We offer a creative platform to the children and we help them to create their own music together.



Besides the Toekomstorkest I run English Music lessons for the Early Years in Splendor. Every saturday at 10am a group for children from 0-3 and their parents/carers and at 11.15 a group for children in the age of 4-6.


At the National Opera I'm working with teenagers. We act, sing and improvise together based on the opera that they will visit.


A couple of times per year I'm working with the youngest flute players in the Netherlands. I teach them at the Neflac (Nederlandse Fluit Academie) weekends.