In this project I did a series of experiments with cassette tape and chemicals in order to find new

sounds. I recorded the sounds of my garden (such as wind chimes, the brook, birds, bicycle wheels, etc.) on cassette tape. I cut the tape into pieces and treaded all these pieces of tape with different types of chemicals, such as magnesium, acid, zinc, alkaline, etc.

After a while I would dry the tape and make small tape loops from them; a circle of cassette tape with diameter of +- 5cm. would be a sound loop of 4/5 seconds. So in the end of the experiment there would be two surprises for me: did the chemicals change the sound? How would the (random) loop sound?


The most interesting outcomes of this project I presented in an installation piece in which I

reconstructed my garden with flower pots and headphones.

The whole process was documented in beautiful pictures by photographer Asya Gefter.

The project was presented in July 2012 at the Curious Festival, curated by the Barbican Centre

and Guildhall School of Music and Drama.